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The global energy transformation has begun.

We need to prepare.

The global energy transformation will fundamentally change Alberta’s economy.

Our government needs to be right there next to us, managing risks and helping us to seize opportunities. In short, they need to help us prepare for a future that will be very different than our past.

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What is the global energy transformation? And why should Albertans be concerned?

Our biggest customer has become our biggest competitor

The US fracking boom has flooded global energy markets, suppressing oil prices and making the US the world's biggest oil producer. Until now the US had been Alberta's biggest customer. But who will buy our oil and gas exports now that Americans have more than enough to supply their needs?

Oil and gas companies are replacing jobs with automation

In response to lower prices, oil companies are using automation and technology to drive down costs. Driverless trucks at Suncor and unmanned SAGD facilities at Cenovus are just the tip of the ice berg. With more automation and fewer megaprojects, where will future generations of Albertans find employment?

The world is moving away from fossil fuels

Oil is our most important export. Yet world demand for oil is projected to peak by 2036, then start declining. These trends are being driven by very legitimate concerns about climate change and by technology that's bringing down prices for renewable alternatives. Will Alberta be prepared for this fundamental shift in the global energy market or will we be left unprepared and vulnerable?

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How should Alberta prepare for the global energy transformation?

There are three main areas where action needs to be taken by the Alberta government.

Find solutions


both within the oil and gas sector and beyond it.


in infrastructure and people.


our resource wealth as a springboard to the future.

The UCP denies the problem

Despite the overwhelming weight of evidence, Jason Kenney denies that the global energy transformation is even happening. He and the UCP misrepresent the problem, ignore the root causes of the global oil price collapse, and blame everything on the NDP.

The NDP has a plan for the transformation

Unlike the UCP, the NDP understands that the global energy economy is being transformed in fundamental ways. And they’ve spent the past three years working with energy pragmatists within the oil and gas industry and the broader Alberta society to prepare for that change.

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