The election on April 16th will define our economic future.

As the global energy transformation looms, we have to choose between being led by energy pragmatists, or energy dinosaurs. The pragmatists see change coming and know that we need to prepare and adapt. The dinosaurs stick their heads in the sand and pretend we can go back to the past. Our economic future depends on ensuring that the pragmatists prevail. Here's how the NDP and UCP compare.

We need to diversify within and beyond oil and gas.

Diversification has the power to attract tens of billions of dollars of investment into petrochemical and other value-added initiatives - creating thousands of jobs in operations, maintenance, construction and other spin-offs for small businesses.

The NDP has

Invested in innovation and diversification

The NDP is actively pursuing investments that support value-added processing of our oil and gas resources. The government passed bills last spring that are helping to grow Alberta’s petrochemicals sector; they've created multi-billion funds to support diversification, and they're ramping up training so we have the technologically skilled workforce we need to diversify.

The UCP would

Hand over our jobs to the gulf coast

The UCP scoffed at the NDP's diversification efforts, even though the NDP's approach was enthusiastically supported by industry. The UCP didn't mention diversification once in its platform! Apparently, Jason Kenney is fine with sitting on the sidelines while good jobs in refining and petrochemical manufacturing head to the gulf coast without a fight. This spring, the UCP opposed both NDP bills aimed at diversification.

We need to respond to global demand for lower carbon oil

Government and industry, working together, can make Alberta the lowest emission heavy oil producer in the world - keeping markets open for our products.

The NDP has

Shown leadership to preserve markets for our oil and gas

Working closely with industry, the NDP has put in place programs that reduce oil sands emissions intensity per barrel, to help us keep selling to countries with increasingly stringent emissions requirements. These programs are funded by money from the carbon levy - demonstrating that the NDP's Climate Leadership Plan is helping Alberta's oil and gas industry find success in a changing world.

The UCP would

Turn its back on the world

The UCP actively opposed all legislation and programs aimed at supporting industry efforts to reduce GHG emissions. They have echoed language used by the Trump administration - which says climate change is a hoax and that the best approach is to slash environmental protections instead of strengthen them. The UCP has no plan of its own to reduce emissions, and doesn’t believe Alberta needs to have one.  

Seize opportunities to innovate and develop other sectors

We have an opportunity to harness the energy transformation to create new opportunities, attract investment, and create jobs.

The NDP has

Used new revenues to invest beyond the oil and gas sector.

The NDP is using new auctions for power generation and money collected from the carbon tax to support innovation in, and the development of, renewable energy, building retrofits, agribusiness and manufacturing. Thanks to Premier Notley's vision and forward-looking policies, Alberta is now the premier destination for renewable energy investments in North America.

The UCP would

Take a pass on the business potential of energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The UCP opposed the creation of  Energy Efficiency Alberta, and has said they would repeal both the Climate Leadership Plan and the Renewable Electricity Act. Similar moves by the Ford government in Ontario (the UCP's ideological cousin) are stifling that province's green economy and are resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs and billions in business investment.